Darren is a Product Designer. A startup enthusiast, passionately inquisitive and particularly interested in how technology influences behaviour.


I cried on my first day as a Digital Nomad

..and I couldn't be more happy that I did. I didn't cry because of sadness; noone has passed away. I didn't cry because I was unhappy with something in my life. I didn't cry to get what I want. I didn't cry because I hurt myself. Nor did I cry because I wanted to cry. I think-- although this has never happened to me-- I cried because of the happiness of the moment I was experiencing…

10 Tech Startup Ideas for 2015

Ideas are worthless unless you execute. I'd like to share these 10 ideas with you as I am not intending to pursue them. Give me a shout on twttr if you'd like more thoughts! If you're interested in what I am working on, check out Pillow Talk - Playtime Ideas for Busy Couples. Lnchtm Date An app for lunch dates. Select a time (12am, 1pm, 1:30pm etc). Location, and we set you up a 45…

Use your network for ideation

Your network is a great resource for insight, support and ideas.


At the end of last year I was looking for inspiration for what to build next. I created a questionnaire using Google Forms and sent out a few requests.

I asked the following questions, specifically interested in app and ecommerce ideas:

  • What's your job? What industry do you work in?
  • Thinking about technology in your workplace, what frustrates you? What could be improved?
  • On an 'normal' day at work, what tasks do you spend time repeatedly doing?
  • Do you have an amazing App idea? What would you make if you had the time/money/skills?
  • Please list between 5-10 products that you have spent £100+ on in the last

Evaluating your Startup Idea

So you have an idea or a bunch of ideas. How do you decide which idea to pursue?


Don't rush in. If you're about to spend a significant amount of time of your life building a business, you really do have time to evaluate it sufficiently.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

  • Can you succinctly communicate the problem and why it's worth solving?
  • Do you understand the market? Have you worked in this industry before? Is it aligned with your strengths?
  • What's the business model? Will you generate revenue from day 1?
  • What's the route to market? What's the cost of acquiring customers? Is this viable?
  • How big is the market? How is the market changing? Is

How to come up with startup ideas

I've spent alot of time over the last few years exploring ideas for tech startup businesses. I'd like to share with you what has worked for me. Firstly, It's critical important to understand that you're seeking to identify a problem, not an idea. It's still popular to talk about 'ideas', but too often than not ideas are formed on unproven or untested hypotheses and we get caught up in the excitement of the idea than the…