Darren is a Product Designer. A startup enthusiast, passionately inquisitive and particularly interested in how technology influences behaviour.


Evaluating your Startup Idea

So you have an idea or a bunch of ideas. How do you decide which idea to pursue?


Don't rush in. If you're about to spend a significant amount of time of your life building a business, you really do have time to evaluate it sufficiently.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

  • Can you succintely communicate the problem and why it's worth solving?
  • Do you understand the market? Have you worked in this industry before? Is it aligned with your strengths?
  • What's the business model? Will you generate revenue from day 1?
  • What's the route to market? What's the cost of acquiring customers? Is this viable?
  • How big is the market? How is the market changing? Is

How to come up with startup ideas

I've spent alot of time over the last few years exploring ideas for tech startup businesses. I'd like to share with you what has worked for me. Firstly, It's critical important to understand that you're seeking to identify a problem, not an idea. It's still popular to talk about 'ideas', but too often than not ideas are formed on unproven or untested hypotheses and we get caught up in the excitement of the idea than the…

Life throws you curveballs

In December of last year I set myself a few goals. I planned to save enough money to live comfortably in Thailand for 6-9 months, move to Chiang Mai in April 2014, and build a lifestyle business that would cover my minor outgoings. I achieved just one of these goals-- enough money to now go! Following my commitment to those goals last year I found out that I had completely torn my ACL and I've been…

Journeying towards location independence and financial freedom

In a previous blog post I told a bit of a porky pie… but unintentionally! I had confused ‘the plan’ with ‘the goals’. I hope you can help… Jed Stone was an inspiration. During my time at McKinney Rogers I worked with Jed on our trips to Kenya, Ghana & Cameroon. He was a senior partner, previously a Royal Marine Commando and held 2 (or possibly more) world records. One for the longest ever game of…

Why I’m quitting my job to make Apps  —  Personal Growth and Lifestyle

So next year I’m moving to Chiang Mai in Thailand! I recently talked about my desire to leave London and build app(s) because of the market opportunity in smartphone adoption, but why leave London? We’ll get to that..


I love to learn. In fact, I was a tad obsessed with learning how to learn a few years ago. This was mostly due to the realisation that we’re not taught how to use our brain at school but are spoon fed outdated crap. It’s also one of the reasons why I joined Memrise where I worked closely with Ed Cooke, a grand master of memory.

I actively seek to regularly feed my brain and I mostly

A Few Life Philosophies

I recently celebrated the 12th anniversary of my 18th birthday and given that it coincided with a change of job it gave me time to reflect on a few things. I'm very grateful to my family who have given me the stability, opportunity and ambition to lead a successful and enjoyable adulthood. I’ve never felt any pressure to live up to my parent’s expectations or follow in their footsteps- they have always supported me…