Founder of #SexTech startup Blindfold.


I was Spellbound

Spellbound had only one meaning to me before last night - of a game with the same title that I spent weeks playing on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the 1980's.

Back then I was playing, but last night I was played.

I met a Pagan Empath Witch. This was unknown to me until she gradually revealed herself in a perfectly orchestrated performance during the 5 and a half hours I spent with her. This is why Internet Dating is awesome. OkCupid finds you some cracking cackling matches.


This is a brain dump of my thoughts as I traveled home from the experience, with some light tidying up and reordering.

She opened me up. At one point my heart was

The Boy who Jumped Two Feet First into the Serendipity Machine

And the 4 cardinal rules of serendipity manufacturing. This is a meandering meditation I wrote on Serendipity for a UX Stories Meetup in London, July 2015, at Space Ape Games. It was a warm Saturday morning in the summer of 1996. The patio doors were open and a light breeze was blowing into the kitchen where the boy was eating his Weetabix and warm milk. “Happy Birthday!” said his mum walking into the room, and placing…

My Sex Tech startup was featured on Product Hunt from this Beach in Thailand

Launching and promoting our #SexTech startup Blindfold hasn't been an easy journey. Mailchimp blocked our fortnightly Pillow Talk newsletter because of "strict spam filters" and Betalist refused to promote our startup because it was deemed "explicit". (I've since been in touch with Marc - more on this later.) I'm a Digital Nomad because I believe you can build an internet based company, team and product in a distributed manner from anywhere in the world. There's a…

This is why I moved to Thailand to Bootstrap my Startup

I've been consulting as a UX & Product Designer for early stage tech startups in London's "Silicon Roundabout" for 6 years. Shoreditch is an awesome place!

But, with crippling rent, tiresome commutes, terrible weather and expensive food I was forced to ask the question, is there a better way to bootstrap my own startup, Blindfold?

When I decided to embark on this new journey, I was asked the same questions over and over again! I've answered them here in the hope to inspire others thinking of doing the same!


Why did I move to Thailand?

To begin building a business, Pillow Talk. Now, Blindfold.

Why specifically, Thailand?

I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the following reasons:

  • Cheap accommodation. I'm

I cried on my first day as a Digital Nomad

..and I couldn't be more happy that I did. I didn't cry because of sadness; noone has passed away. I didn't cry because I was unhappy with something in my life. I didn't cry to get what I want. I didn't cry because I hurt myself. Nor did I cry because I wanted to cry. I think-- although this has never happened to me-- I cried because of the happiness of the moment I was experiencing…

10 Tech Startup Ideas for 2015

Ideas are worthless unless you execute. I'd like to share these 10 ideas with you as I am not intending to pursue them. Give me a shout on twttr if you'd like more thoughts! If you're interested in what I am working on, check out Pillow Talk - Playtime Ideas for Busy Couples. Lnchtm Date An app for lunch dates. Select a time (12am, 1pm, 1:30pm etc). Location, and we set you up a 45…